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Neel Digante Resort is one of the most exquisite beach resorts on the St. Martin’s Island offering guests a calming respite from the city. You are cordially invited to relax and rejuvenate with sea’s lush greenery, glittering sands and coral rocks just a few steps ahead of the resort. It is in the western part of the island where fascinating sights and sounds abound within close proximity to Neel Digante. The resort is a concern of 7 One Group that presents its guests an intimate and discreet experience through providing the highest level of service. The overall setting of the resort is complemented with beautiful natural location, outstanding facilities and exceptional service to ensure the ultimate satisfaction of its guests. It’s the place to be for anyone seeking a unique and entirely different vacation experience. Neel Digante Resort is one of the most prestigious resorts in St. Martin. It is completely close to the western beach to the island and an ideal place for those who want to lose themselves in another world!